Epilogue: Booth Escape Route Tour

7:10 pm:
We are practically back to the Surratt House museum from which our journey began today. Even after recharging my phone twice during the trip, I’m back down to 15% battery life. For my first attempt at “live blogging” I’m quite happy with the result and I hope you enjoyed it.

The John Wilkes Booth Escape Route Tour put on by the Surratt House Museum is without compare. My few pictures are nothing compared to the thorough narration and wonderful experience of visiting these places firsthand. I hope you all have the opportunity to take this phenomenal tour in the future. You won’t regret it.

9:00 pm:

I’m back home now, and I want to share a touching story from today. On the tour with us were three people, an older couple and their daughter. They told me that they had been on the tour three times before this with their son, Rick. Rick loved Civil War history and taking the Booth tour. Last September, the couple told me, their son Rick died of cancer at the age of 48. They were wearing shirts with his face on them and going on this Booth tour in memory of him and how much he loved history.


I thought that it was such a nice and touching tribute, and I think the Surratt House should be very proud of the fond memories this family has of their late son because of their tour.

‘Til next time,

Dave Taylor
April 27, 2013

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6 thoughts on “Epilogue: Booth Escape Route Tour

  1. Thank YOU Dave! This is a wonderful idea – and I think you’ve gotten a grand response. I’ve really enjoyed the “You are There” scenario! The photos and commentary are wonderful –

    • Thank you, Betty. If I ever do this again, I think I’ll write up the text ahead of time. I wanted put up the pictures before we got to the next place so my descriptions were brief.

  2. Eleanor Ford

    Most fascinating. I’d like to escape here for awhile!

  3. J. Beckert

    You knocked another one out of he park, Dave. Great job!

  4. Herb Swingle

    Great job! History becomes alive!

  5. Rich smyth

    Very touching story about Ricks family. I hope it brought back great memories for them.

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