My Article in “Knife World”

I am shamelessly pleased to announce, that I have an article published in the April edition of “Knife World” magazine.   The article entitled, “Cloak and Daggers: Cutting through the Confusion of the Lincoln Assassination Knives”, contains my research into the the knives used by Booth and his conspirators.

Cloak and Daggers Knife World April 2013

This article in Knife World is a rewrite of the one published in March of 2012 by the Surratt Courier.  The core of the article explains my belief that Ford’s Theatre currently has an incorrect knife identified and displayed as “Booth’s knife”.  After the original article was published, a wonderful colleague and supporter of mine, Jim Garrett, took it over to Ford’s Theatre where he volunteers.  He raised some heck over there, putting copies of my article into the hands of anyone he could find.  With his help, I was able to visit the NPS’ storage facility in Landover, MD.  It was there that I was able to see and hold the knife I believe was taken from Booth’s body upon his death at Garrett’s farm.  A few months later, Ford’s Theatre was contacted by the editor of Knife World who was looking for some information about their knives.  Remembering the heck he raised, Ford’s passed the editor’s request onto Jim, who then forwarded it to me.  After I sent the editor a copy of my article for the Courier, he asked me if I would revise it for his audience and publication.  I was more than happy to do so. I provided them with photographs and illustrations and they arranged the whole thing beautifully.

If you are interested, you can order a copy of the April 2013 edition of “Knife World” with my article inside.  The price for the one issue is $6.00 and that includes shipping.  You can order by emailing them your request at or by calling (865) 397-1955.

I’m very proud of this article because it is reaching a different group of people than would usually read about the assassination.  What’s more, this is the first piece of work that I’ve ever been paid for.  In my eyes this makes me an author and that is a very good feeling.

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18 thoughts on “My Article in “Knife World”

  1. Eleanor Ford


  2. Wow! Congratulations, Dave! I’d definitely like to have a copy of this article…..
    Fascinating stuff!

    • Thanks, for the congrats, Betty. The best part is, I really think the new part time curator at Ford’s may be willing to look into the matter more cloesly make some changes. That would be real exciting.

  3. Great stuff, Dave! Excellent work, as always!


    • Thanks, Jim.

      P.S. The other day I was really enjoying listening to the covers of Beatle songs you posted about awhile back. Also it’s so cool that you are the man (boy) who designed one of the Batmobiles! Keep up the interesting stuff on your site, my friend.

      • Thanks! I had someone remind me the other day that I hadn’t posted anything in over a month. Too busy at work, changing jobs, all the usual excuses! Yes, I designed perhaps the lamest of all Batmobiles!

        Best regards–


  4. Congratulations, Dave. I still have the first article I was compensated for 30 years ago. It’s a nice feeling. The only way to make any money writing articles is refitting your information and selling it through multiple venues. You could next try revamping it to sell to a museum publication. You could focus on how long-held beliefs about artifacts can be wrong or how an ‘outsider’ can prompt change (if we can ever get them to change it). See you in about a week.

    • Thanks, Wes. I have a feeling this article is tapped out but I’m hoping it’ll help me make some more headway into changing things at Ford’s. You’re with me on this one, right?

      Looking forward to seeing you.

      • Wesley Harris

        Absolutely. I don’t know where the knife on display came from but the one in storage is the one taken off Booth’s body at Garrett’s farm.

  5. elsie


  6. Kathy Canavan

    What a vivid article — and what a great idea for a magazine piece. Congrats.

  7. Rich smyth

    First paid work! Congratulations! It was an outstanding piece of research.

  8. Jim Garrett

    Dave, I am so glad that I can be of help to you in any way. You have a great attitude and a strong desire to ferret out the facts. I am proud to consider you a friend.

  9. Great job and congrats! Also, I was going thru my hotmail account and received a google alert on JWB with the following link:

  10. Chester Latham


    I saw your article in Knife World and was drawn to your site. Good work! You are correct that this article reached a new type of audience and with positive results. Thank-you for the great article and wonderful research website.

    Chester Latham

    • Thank you, Chester, for following my blog. Doing the article for Knife World was such a treat. I’m still working my way at getting Ford’s to switch the knives as I have the acting curator in agreement with me. But it’s still another matter to get even higher approval to do so.

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