The Grave of James W. Pumphrey

“James W. Pumphrey owned a livery stable on C Street in Washington, D.C., just behind the National Hotel where Booth stayed when he was in town. Booth became a patron of Pumphrey’s, renting horses from him on several occasions, including the night of the assassination.  Booth stopped by Pumphrey’s stable shortly after noon on April 14th, asking to reserve a particularly horse, and to have it ready at 4 o’clock that afternoon.  When Booth stopped by the livery the horse had already been rented to somone else and Booth had to settle for a bay mare.” – Steers, Assassination Encylopedia

Pumphrey's Obit

James W. Pumphrey is buried with his father Levi, in D.C.'s Congressional Cemetery.

James W. Pumphrey is buried with his father Levi, in D.C.’s Congressional Cemetery.

Congressional Cemetery has a wonderful news article about James Pumphrey trying to cheat the gas company in 1883 (bottom of page 5).

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