New Gallery – Baptist Alley

After shooting President Lincoln in his box at Ford’s Theatre, John Wilkes Booth leapt onto the stage, brandished his knife red with Major Rathbone’s blood, and made his way swiftly backstage.  From there he exited the building from a small stage door.  Outside he found Peanut John, a young boy who sold peanuts at the theatre and did odd jobs like watch the stage door during performances, holding the reins of his horse.  Upon his arrival at the back theatre entrance that night, Booth had called for his friend Edman Spangler to hold the reins of his restless horse.  Spangler, busy with the job of shifting the scenery for the play outsourced the job to Peanuts.  Upon his explosion from the theatre, Booth shouted for his horse, struck Peanuts as he mounted, and galloped away down the alley.  He quickly turned left and exited out onto F street.

This alley was called Baptist Alley due to the theatre having previously been the home of the First Baptist Church of D.C.  The originally rented their building to John T. Ford before selling it to him outright.  The building caught fire and burned on December 30th, 1862 and Ford rebuilt.  The alley was a common place to John Wilkes Booth, who had Edman Spangler construct him a makeshift stables in the alley.  When his body was released to his family n the waning hours of Andrew Johnson’s presidency, Booth made a return trip to his former stables in Baptist Alley as his remains were placed there to hide them from the public.

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One thought on “New Gallery – Baptist Alley

  1. Eleanor Ford

    I’ve seen photos of the back of Ford’s, can’t be the same door though with all that has happened to
    that building.

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