The Doctor Who Came Back

In the mail today, I received an item that I purchased off of eBay with the sole purpose of scanning it and sharing it here.  What follows is an extremely well documented and deeply researched story about Dr. Samuel A. Mudd.  The groundbreaking piece entitled, “The Doctor Who Came Back” appeared in the February 1943 edition of that eminent periodical…”True Comics”. 😀 I hope you enjoy it.

The Doctor Who Came Back 1
The Doctor Who Came Back 2
The Doctor Who Came Back 3
The Doctor Who Came Back 4
The Doctor Who Came Back 5
The Doctor Who Came Back 6

True Comics #21 (Feb. 1943)

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4 thoughts on “The Doctor Who Came Back

  1. Fantastic, Dave!

    I LOVE these old comics – this one is well drawn, even if the story line is definitely somewhat abbreviated! Wonder what happened to Herold? Doesn’t seem to be accompanying JWB does he? I see Powell in the prisoner’s dock – and where are O’Laughlen, Arnold and Spangler? No mention….LOVE the judge in robes in the “courtroom!”

    This is just wonderful, Dave – Thanks!

  2. Rich Smyth

    And…this is written proof that Mudd knew who the stranger was when he visited the doctor’s home. Thanks Dave!

  3. Laurie Verge

    I agree with Rich! However, the “script” seems to have been written by Dr. Richard Mudd – which, as brave a struggle as he put up to clear his grandfather’s name, is not meant as an insult.

  4. Jim Garrett

    What are you guys trying to say? Clear, concise, Thrilling!

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