New Section – Picture Galleries!

Some of you may have already noticed the new, fledging section to Picture Galleries! At the top of the page near the “About” tab is the link to this new feature:

Picture Galleries Menu

Clicking on the link will take you to the new Picture Galleries part of the website:

Picture Galleries Page

Here you will find different galleries of images relating to the Lincoln assassination field.  I’m hoping this section will become a great resource for those looking for images about the assassination. Currently, I only have four galleries up and running but I will be adding more as time goes on.  After you click a specific person, place or thing, you will be taken to its corresponding gallery:

Spangler Gallery Page

Clicking on a specific picture will open up a bigger version of the image, give you a short description of it, and source of the image if available.

As with many things in life, the Picture Galleries are works in progress.  My hope is for this to be a community project.  When I add a new gallery I will make a post announcing it.  My hope is that any of you with pictures of the same subject matter will contribute your personal pictures as well.  That way, together, we can create the best archive of Lincoln assassination imagery available.

So, I have four galleries up regarding Edman Spangler, Michael O’Laughlen, the Pine Thicket where Booth and Herold hid, and Booth’s Derringer.  If you have any more pictures relating to these subjects feel free to email them in .jpg format to me at boothiebarn (at) gmail (dot) com.  With any picture you send make sure to include a short description of it and its source.*

I’m excited about this new section to BoothieBarn and I hope it proves enjoyable and educational to you, too.

~ Dave Taylor

*By sending me your image, you are allowing your image to enter the public domain to be viewed and shared accordingly.  You understand that I may put your image on my website ( for everyone to see and that I don’t have control over what happens to it after that.  I may not put up every picture sent to me, especially if it is low resolution or a duplicate.
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6 thoughts on “New Section – Picture Galleries!

  1. This is great Dave! Your blog is such great resource already.

  2. A fantastic addition to an already fantastic site — Thanks, Dave!

  3. cliffrob2458

    Great idea, Dave! As others have noted, you’ve found a way to improve on an already superior site! The high-quality photographs you share with us, many of which I’d never seen before, are one of the reasons I check in with you at least once a day! I have a ton of assassination-related photographs & documents I’ve gathred over the years I’d be glad to share with you. On my hard-drive I have a main “Assassination” folder with several sub-folders similar to your gallery catagories, with additional ones of “Persons” (individuals other than Booth and the conspirators) and “Documents,” (scans of letters, news clippings, printed material, trial documents, census returns, Fold3 documents, etc.). There is one last sub-folder – the largest one, actually; it contains all the stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else. It’s the “S” file!

    • You’re a man after my own heart, Cliff. I have a “Booth” folder on my desktop organized by each person/event/item related to the assassination. I’m essentially just recreating my computer here. I’ll be expecting some pictures from you too then.

  4. Your site with photos…blogs…articles and research are truly a wealth of history and great information…I am a fan….so glad I found it….look forward to seeing what’s next….great stuff

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