A Sketch of Seward’s Assassin

“Looking again to the right, and omitting the alternate guard, we come to one of the most remarkable faces of the group – a face which, once seen, may never be forgotten; on whose moral stature is readily determined by his face.  This man is clothed sparingly.  He is in his shirt sleeves – a sort of steel mixed woolen shirt; his pantaloons dark blue cloth; his neck bare and shirt collar unbuttoned.  He is fully six feet high; slender body; angular form; square and narrow across the shoulders; hollow breast; hair black, straight and irregularly cut and hanging indifferently about his forehead, which is rather low and narrow.  Blue eyes, large, staring, and at times wild, returning your look steadily and unflinchingly.  Square face; jaw irregular; nose turned at the top but expanding abruptly at the nostrils; thin lips, and slightly twisted; mouth curved unsymmetrically a little to the left of the middle line of the face; a wild, savage-looking man, bearing no culture or refinement – the most perfect type of the ingrained hardened criminal…” – Milwaukee Sentinel (05/16/1865)

For the time being all I can manage to post is this self created montage of Lewis Powell and a description of him from a period newspaper account. Of course Powell’s biographer, Betty Ownsbey, is the best source for information on Lewis Powell and happily discusses him on Roger Norton’s Lincoln Discussion Symposium.

I, myself, have been busy preparing for an upcoming move out of my home state of Illinois to the great state Maryland.  I recently got a new teaching job in Maryland and I am very excited about being closer to the history that I love.

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7 thoughts on “A Sketch of Seward’s Assassin

  1. Wonderful, Dave! I, too am glad to have you close to your friends here in Virginia and Maryland — I’m very happy for you!! You’re going to be one very, very busy gentleman!

    The photo montage of Powell is beautiful! Thank you!

  2. Your montage is wonderful,, and I cannot wait to get your considerable talents working as a volunteer at Surratt House — first, tours at the museum, then tours over the escape route…

  3. Gene C

    That is good news. Congratulations! Lewis does have a pretty intense look.

  4. Rich Smyth

    Dave, best of luck on the move and career. My daughter just (last week) got hired for a teaching position in Bethesda. She gave up her teaching job in Norfolk for her husbands career. He is doing an internship at Walter Reed. I will be going down to visit her in a few weeks.

  5. Thank you all for your best wishes. It’s going to be a hectic next few weeks, I can tell you. I’ll be renting a Uhaul and traveling to Maryland next week. Shortly thereafter I’ll have to report to my new school district for new teacher orientation. If Laurie has her way, I’ll be giving tours at the Surratt House shortly after that!

    You are all wonderful friends and I’m grateful for the moral support.

  6. Richard Sloan

    Good luck, David! You will sure have a great welcoming committee in Maryland. If you need to take time off from this subj. for a few weeks, we will understand. Don’t feel obligated to your many fans and admirers!

  7. Herb Swingle

    Dave-Best of Luck In All Of Your Endeavors!

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