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2023 Surratt Society Virtual Conference

On this Saturday, April 22, 2023, from 2:00 – 4:00 pm eastern time, the Surratt Society will be presenting their 2023 Virtual Conference on the Lincoln assassination. After a short business meeting to elect officers, the Society will host talks by two authors of Lincoln assassination related books.

Dr. Kate Clifford Larson

The first speaker should be well known to students of the Lincoln assassination. In 2008, Kate Clifford Larson joined the ranks of esteemed assassination experts with the release of her book, The Assassin’s Accomplice: Mary Surratt and the Plot to Kill Abraham Lincoln. This biography about the only woman tried and executed as an conspirator in Lincoln’s death helped to bring the life of Mary Surratt back into the limelight, leading to the release of the 2010 film The Conspirator. Dr. Larson worked as a historical consultant on that film which saw Robin Wright in the role of Mary Surratt and James McAvoy as her attorney Frederick Aiken. Since the release of the book, Dr. Larson has been featured on several documentaries about Mary Surratt and the Lincoln assassination. In addition to her work in the Lincoln field, Dr. Larson is a noted expert on the life of Harriet Tubman. She was among the founders of the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State and National Park. She has also released biographies on Rosemary Kennedy and most recently on activist Fannie Lou Hamer.

Dr. Larson’s speech for the virtual conference is entitled, “Civil War Memory and the Reimagining of Mary Surratt.”

Julian Sher

The second speaker will be Julian Sher, the author of the soon to be released book, The North Star: Canada and the Civil War Plots Against Lincoln. Mr. Sher is an award winning investigative journalist and author based in Canada. His 2001 book, Until You Are Dead: The Wrongful Conviction of Steven Truscott dealt with one of Canada’s most famous murder trials. The new evidence Sher publicized led to an official re-opening the 40-year-old case and, ultimately, the exoneration of Truscott. Mr. Sher has written books and produced documentaries about a number of hard hitting subjects including biker gangs, terrorism, drug trafficking, and the history of the KKK in Canada.

Mr. Sher’s talk will be on his upcoming book. The North Star tells the stories of several Canadians who took part in the American Civil War. His subjects consist of heroes like Edward Doherty who led the cavalry that hunted down John Wilkes Booth to the more clandestine agents in Montreal who may have contributed to Lincoln’s death. I was given an advance copy of Mr. Sher’s work and found it to be an excellent read with a truly varied cast of characters. You will definitely want to pick up a copy of The North Star when it is released on April 25.

With this line up, the conference on Saturday is shaping up to be a great one. Best of all, this virtual conference is open (and FREE) to all, regardless if you’re a member of the Surratt Society or not. Everyone is welcome to log on and watch the presentations. However, you must pre-register in order to receive the Zoom link to join the event on Saturday. In order to pre-register, visit the Surratt Society’s 2023 conference event page here or click on the image below.

I know this is a bit of a late notice. I only learned about the conference today, too! Still, I’ll definitely be clearing my schedule to watch these wonderful authors give their talks. I hope you’ll be able to join me and other members of the Surratt Society this Saturday to hear from Dr. Larson and Mr. Sher. I know it’s going to be very informative.

See you Saturday!

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Surratt Conference 2014

This is the weekend of the annual Lincoln Assassination Conference put on by the Surratt House Museum and the Surratt Society.  It is a time when all of us crazy Boothies descend onto Southern Maryland and discuss the fascinating minutiae regarding Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.  The core of the conference is on Saturday with six speakers presenting on a range of topics.


It’s going to be another recording breaking year for attendance with about 140 people signed up.  However, knowing that many of our friends and colleagues are not able to make the trip this year, I’ve decided to put my newly created @BoothieBarn Twitter account to good use.  Over the next couple of days, I will be tweeting pictures and updates from the conference keeping you all informed about our activities.  I’ll be using the hash tag #Surratt2014 to identify those relating to the conference.  In this way, even long after the conference is over, you can still search Twitter for that hash tag to see what it was like.

While the Surratt House always schedules wonderful bus tours for the Friday and Sunday around the conference, today I will be foregoing that in order to take a few colleagues around to the assassination sites around Charles County, Maryland.  My guests are Heath Atkinson and his brother Josh, along with my long time friend and accomplice, Jim Garrett.  Heath runs the @ALassassination Twitter account and Jim is a registered speaker for this year’s conference along with his co-author, Rich Smyth.  Even though our trip isn’t really connected with the conference, I’ll still be using the hash tag #Surratt 2014 to document our adventure today.

Well that’s all for now. Be sure to follow @ALassassination and @BoothieBarn on Twitter to see how #Surratt2014 plays out.

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A Busy Conference Weekend

Well the 2013 Surratt Conference has come and gone and what a tremendous event it was!  I’m happily exhausted after such a wonderful weekend socializing and listening to the most knowledgable group of people in the field of the Lincoln assassination.

This was a very special conference for me as I had the honor of presenting about the Garrett family in front of my friends and colleagues.  My speech was graciously received and I was overwhelmed by the kind words extended to me regarding it.  I feel so fortunate to be part of such a supportive and collaborative field of scholars.

What really made the whole weekend special for me was that a descendant of the Garrett family, with whom I’ve been in contact with and visited a few months back, was able to attend the conference.  Today, I took him into Virginia to visit the site of the Garrett house and the church where the Garretts attended.  It really was the most fitting way to end one of the best weekends of my life.  Attached are a few pictures of this weekend, and I only wish I took more.

The title slide of my presenation about the Garrett family

The title slide of my presentation about the Garrett family


Judges Richard Hughes and I at our author's hour table to discuss the Garrett family

Judges Richard Hughes, the great great-grandson of Richard Henry Garrett, and I at our author’s hour table to discuss the Garrett family

Judge Richard Hughes, far right, at the Garrett site with his mother and brothers in 1957

Judge Richard Hughes, far right, at the Garrett site with his mother and brothers in 1957

Judge Richard Hughes, great great-grandson of Richard Henry Garrett, at the Garrett site in 2013

Judge Richard Hughes, great great-grandson of Richard Henry Garrett, at the Garrett site in 2013

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