The Assassin’s Doctor is Free Today!

I am a big fan of the work of author Robert Summers. Bob is a great-grandchild of Dr. Samuel Mudd and has done an extraordinary amount of research on his ancestor. He takes an honest approach relating Dr. Mudd’s connections to John Wilkes Booth’s plot to kidnap Lincoln and his subsequent assistance to the assassin on the run. Bob has released several books on specific aspects of Dr. Mudd’s life, but his magnum opus is his book, The Assassin’s Doctor: The Life and Letters of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd. The book is not only a biography of Dr. Mudd, but also a valuable collection of primary sources about Dr. Mudd. I have a paperback copy of The Assassin’s Doctor and it weighs in at over 700 pages! It’s a priceless part of my library and I am constantly referring to it when I research and write about Dr. Mudd.

While I, of course, encourage you all to purchase Bob Summers’ wonderful physical book, for today only (12/5) you can get the ebook version of this book for FREE! Amazon is selling its Kindle ebook version of The Assassin’s Doctor for a whopping $0. It’s the same content of Bob’s 700+ page book, sent directly to your phone, tablet, or computer…for free! Please take advantage of this amazing offer by clicking here or on the picture below.

Even if you don’t have an Amazon Kindle (I don’t), you can still get this book. All you will have to do is install the free Kindle app on your smartphone or tablet. After that you can download the free ebook version of The Assassin’s Doctor from Amazon and read it right in the app. The ebook version has the added benefit of being completely searchable. It’s better than a traditional index!

As stated, this deal is only good for today, Saturday, December 5, 2020. If you are reading this after 12/5, I encourage you to still pick up Robert Summers book. It’s a great resource and worth far more than the regular list price.

Happy reading!


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12 thoughts on “The Assassin’s Doctor is Free Today!

  1. Wesley Harris

    Thanks for the tip, Dave.

  2. David Lassman

    As always, I am glad that I know you.

  3. Lyndale

    I’m still around claiming the same as before.
    Give me the time of day and I can show you where something is hidden.

  4. Lane Zangwill

    Thanks for the heads up

  5. Miriam


    Thank you for the info. I will read as soon as I finish “Washington” by Chernow. My reading list is growing! Lol

  6. jchrismer

    Thanks so much, Dave. Because of your tip, I now have my first volume in an e-book libraryon my I-Pad. Looking forward to seeing you at Tudor Hall this coming year. Peace and Health 

    Jim Chrismer

  7. Dave, thanks very much for this post. 94 people, mostly your subscribers I’m sure, picked up a copy yesterday. This updated version contains everything I know about Dr. Mudd, including his slaves and his time at Fort Jefferson. I’ve discontinued my smaller books on these subjects. Everything is now in one book. This version also contains information on Dr. & Mrs. Mudd’s children and siblings that has never been published before.

    Regards, Bob

    • Bob,
      I’m so glad that so many people took advantage of the deal and picked up your book. I also hope that while Amazon listed it for free that you received some royalties for the downloads.

      While I understand your desire to keep everything all in one place, I do wish you would still keep producing Get the Doctor From His Cell as a stand alone book. In my opinion, it is a perfect “Fort Jefferson” book that is worth having on its own. When I visited the Dry Tortugas in 2019 I brought Get the Doctor From His Cell with me and read it on the beach. It was far more manageable to transport than your Mudd bible and the lady in the gift shop at the Fort was very interested in getting it to sell. I would encourage you to rethink your choice in ceasing to publish that book. I think there is a market out there for it.

      • Dave,

        I actually finished an update of Get The Doctor From His Cell back in September. I retitled it to Dr. Samuel Mudd at Fort Jefferson, and put on a new cover. Your kind note here has convinced me to go ahead and release it. It is now available at, both ebook and paperback. The book has a new photo gallery which includes the photo you found of (probably) Dr. Mudd waiting outside the entrance to Fort Jefferson, with credit to you.

        – Bob Summers

    • Mr. Summers,
      I hope that you’re doing well.

      Is there a way to purchase a signed copies of your books or mail you blank bookplates with a SASE?

      Thank you in advance.


    • Mr. Summers,
      I hope that you’re doing well.

      Is there a way to purchase signed copies of your books or send you blank bookplates with a SASE?

      Thank you in advance.


  8. Graham Baldwin

    Dave: Thanks for the heads-up on Mr. Summers’ book. It looks like a good read.

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