John Wilkes Booth in the Woods: Part 9

John Wilkes Booth in the Woods

Part 9 of my series “John Wilkes Booth in the Woods” is now complete and available for viewing.

In this part I try one of Booth’s favorite drinks and finally receive the newspapers I’ve been craving.

John Wilkes Booth in the Woods

To watch the video, you can either click on the images above and scroll down, click HERE to watch the video on YouTube, or play the embedded video below.

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8 thoughts on “John Wilkes Booth in the Woods: Part 9

  1. Herb Swingle

    Fantastc job!

  2. Grand job as always, Dave! Thanks….. I must admit that I, too don’t like the taste of alcohol – never did….

  3. William Richter

    Rick Smith always gives full measure in whiskey!

  4. Tom K

    Great job Dave! In March I plan to walk the entire escape route if I get in shape.

  5. rickbeaver

    Great job Dave and the music is fantastic!

    • Thanks, Rick. I really like Jason Green’s song, “John Wilkes Booth”, as well. It’s a really catchy and rocking assassination song – a rarity.

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