Live Blogging: Booth Escape Route Tour Part 2

My phone doesn’t want to add more pictures to my first “live blog” post, so I’m starting this second post to continue the tour.

3:35 pm:


Mathias Point, VA from the point where Booth and Herold set off from Maryland.

3:40 pm:

Drive by of Huckleberry, the home of Thomas Jones.

3:55 pm:


Crossing the bridge into Virginia.

4:05 pm:


Mrs. Quesenberry’s house.

4:30 pm:






Cleydael, the home of Dr. Richard Stuart, who denied Booth and Herold aid excepting a meal.

4:50 pm:

The telephone pole here marks the approximate location of the William Lucas cabin. Booth and Herold evicted the Lucases when they were denied by Dr. Stuart.

5:09 pm:


Drive by of where the ferry came into Port Royal, VA and the Peyton House where Booth and Herold attempted to find assistance.

5:20 pm:





We made it. Booth’s last breath was taken here at Garrett’s farm 148 years ago yesterday.

5:45 pm:

The last stop before we head back home to the Surratt House, Horne’s for ice cream and a bathroom break.

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14 thoughts on “Live Blogging: Booth Escape Route Tour Part 2

  1. Kathy Canavan

    This is fabulous, Dave

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  3. Having a blast following ya’ll, Dave!

  4. I will, Dave! I Promise….

  5. What kind of phone takes such good photos? I was warned they weren’t very good, but I don’t have
    one of those so called smart phones anyway. I don’t know if I should look at the photos or not since
    that could spoil it for a future time.

    • I have an iPhone 4S, Anthony.

      Trust me, my little pictures don’t even come close to replicating the amazing guided tours the Surratt House Museum organize and execute. I can’t recommend it more.

  6. This was fabulous! Thanks! I understand there is a little shrine to JWB near the Garrett farm site. Did you see it?

    • There used to be a little headstone like marker which was put in by a neo-Confederate group. It is no longer there having disappeared last year. Nothing but a pipe in the ground marks the Garrett house where Booth died.

  7. Laurie Verge

    Working with the Surratt House for so many years, I have gone over the Booth Trail on these tours approximately 175 times. My knees no longer allow me to do it, but I would hop on that bus again in a heartbeat! The story never gets old, our narrators are very informed and fun to be with, and the weather usually cooperates and brings out the dogwood blossoms, redbud trees, and Kwansan cherry trees along the route. In the fall, some of the leaves are starting to turn color by late-September. It is relaxing as well as educational.

    As director of the Surratt House programs, I will also give you a little hint that by this time next year, I expect Dave Taylor to be ready to become one of the narrators – hint, hint.

  8. Richard

    Thanks for the pictures. The Potomac sure looks a lot wider than I imagined.

  9. Outstanding, Dave! Wonderful photos and commentary.

    Thanks for going to such lengths to share your experience.


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