A quick note from Thomas Jones

In this undated mini-letter (or lengthy autograph), Thomas Austin Jones succinctly attests to his role in hiding the aiding the fugitives.

“Captn Williams offered the reward on Tuesday 18th of April 1865 in Brawner’s Hotel in Port Tobacco,Md.And on the 22d of April 1865 at night I took Booth and Harold to a point on thePotomac River, known as Dent’s Meadow, in Charles County, Md.

And from thence landed them on a Point at the mouth of Machodoc Chreek, in King George County, Va.

Respectfully yours

T. A. Jones”

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2 thoughts on “A quick note from Thomas Jones

  1. Richard Sloan

    Who owns this now, David? It came from the Lattimer auction. And guess what? I once owned it. That’s right. I found it in someone’s basement! I kid you not! The man who owned it had a few items left over from the partnership of his father and another man who was a well known collector (his name escapes me at the moment). I kept it, framed with Jones’ photograph in my Lincoln den for the next thirteen years and then tried to sell it to Dr. Lattimer for $2,000. He said he wasn’t interested. So I put it up for auction at Swann’s, in what turned out to be their big Doherty sale. It sold for $1,500. Guess who bought it? Lattimer. (#!*&%$) I always deeply regretted selling it. I could have bid on it at the great Lattimer auction, but it was too much money and I also wanted (and won) a letter written by William Withers that was also in that auction. I just couldn’t have both. It looks like it’s in the same condition as it ws when I discovered it. Notice Jones wrote, “and thence landed them… in Virginia.” As we know, that’s a bit of a stretch. It makes it sound like he piloted the boat! I have a hunch Jones wrote this to George Alfred Townsend. It’s just a hunch.

    • I love the story Richard! While it’s too bad you no longer own this piece, I couldn’t help but laugh reading how Dr. Lattimer undercut the price on you. Even though I never met the man it seems like something he would do. While the man would buy the snake skin from the garden of Eden, he’d get it for his price.

      I couldn’t tell you who owns this piece now. I got the image from the Heritage auction website.

      Thanks do much for sharing!


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