BoothieBarn is now on Twitter!

Yesterday, fellow Lincoln buff, Heath Atkinson, announced via Roger Norton’s Abraham Lincoln Discussion Symposium that he had started a Lincoln assassination Twitter account.  Usually I’m a bit reticent when it comes to social media, which might sound strange seeing as I write a blog.  However, since Heath’s new Twitter account, @ALassassination, is essentially tailor made for my interests, I decided to look into creating my own Twitter account so I could “follow” his tweets.  I found that setting up a Twitter account was very easy to do.  Soon I was not only following Heath’s tweets, but also Spirits of Tudor Hall, Ford’s Theatre NPS, Ford’s Theatre Society, and Lewis Powell’s biographer, Betty Ownsbey.  At first I thought I was just going to follow people but, after replying to one of Heath’s tweets, I branched out and wrote my own.  Strangely enough, it appears that this thing that millions of people like to do is actually quite enjoyable. Though the 140 character limit is a rather difficult limit for a verbose individual like myself, I feel this is a fun way to put up little assassination tidbits between postings.  So, rather than just follow others from the shadows, I’m pleased to announce that BoothieBarn is now on Twitter!

BoothieBarn on Twitter

There are three ways you can follow me and my tweets.

1. Join Twitter and Follow @BoothieBarn

This is the best way to go.  Even if you don’t want to make tweets, having an account allows you to get notifications every time I tweet a tweet.  Setting up an account is quick, easy, and free.  Sign up at

2.  Bookmark my Twitter page

You can bookmark my Twitter profile page on your computer and check it every once and awhile for new tweets.  My profile page is:

3. Check my Twitter feed on the side of this page

If signing up for an account or bookmarking another site seems like too much work, you can always catch up on my tweets when you’re visiting this site.  I just added a new Twitter widget to the main page.  My most recent tweets should show up on the right underneath the most recent comments here on BoothieBarn.

Twitter Widget

I hope you’ll check out @BoothieBarn on Twitter and be sure to also follow Heath Atkinson’s @ALassassination and @SpiritsTH as well.

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3 thoughts on “BoothieBarn is now on Twitter!

  1. Thanks for following @SpiritsTH!

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Dave! This is going to be a lot of fun – and thanks for following! I’ll be uploading some additional Powell things this evening –

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