All Under One Roof

Thank you to Art Loux for sharing this interesting census record from 1860 with me.  It shows a rare instance in which practically all the members of the Booth family are living under one roof.  The only missing family members are the deceased Junius, Sr. and the living Junius, Jr. who resided in California.

Booth family in the 1860 Census

The home in Philadelphia that all the Booths were living in was the home of John Sleeper Clarke and Asia Booth.  The two had been married the previous year.  In June of 1859, about two months after their marriage, Mary Ann Booth moved in with the newlyweds.  Joe and Rosalie followed her shortly thereafter.  When this snapshot was taken Edwin, John Wilkes, and John Sleeper Clarke were all briefly home due to the completion of the acting season.  The summer heat made a crowded theater an unbearable affair and so the theater season was closed until the fall.

This full house of Booths would not last long at all, however.  Less than a month after this census record was taken, Edwin was married to his first wife, Mary Devlin.  The newlyweds honeymooned at Niagara Falls and then took up a home in New York.  By December of 1860, Asia wrote a letter to her friend Jean Anderson in which she mentions how Mary Ann, Rosalie and John Wilkes were no longer living at her home, having taken up residence at a boarding house elsewhere in Philadelphia.  Finally, Joseph Booth was enrolled in medical school in Charleston, South Carolina before the end of 1860.

As swiftly as they had all assembled, the Booths quickly separated again leaving us with only the above glimpse of a rare reunion among the entire family.

Art Loux
Edwin Booth: A Biography and Performance History
John Wilkes Booth’s Enigmatic Brother: Joseph by John C. Brennan

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11 thoughts on “All Under One Roof

  1. Rich smyth

    Ironically, the location of the Clarke home, 1021Race St. Is now a commercial building with the ground level being a Chinese grocery.

    • Art Loux

      On November 18, 1864 the Clarkes moved from 1025 Callowhill Street to 229 N. 18th Street on the corner of Summer St. This is directly opposite Logan Square. This is where JWB left his bonds and letters. Where does the 1021 Race Street address enter the picture? I have seen that address, but can’t immediately say where.

      • Art Loux

        Has anyone found the Booths in the 1870 census? I have looked for Mary Ann, Rosalie, Edwin and Joseph but have not found any of them. Asia was in England.

  2. rich smyth

    Hi Art,
    Their address is given in Right or Wrong, God Judge Me: THE WRITINGS OF JOHN WILKES BOOTH by John Wilkes Booth, John Rhodehamel and Louise Taper.

    • Art Loux

      On February 8, 1863 JWB wrote to Simonds “respond to 1021 Race St.” Rhodehaml and Taper have assumed this was the Clarke address. However, the Clarkes were in England at that time. Also the 1863 Philadelphia directory has the Clarkes at 1025 Callowhill. Possibly the 1021 Race Street address was where Mary Ann and Rosalie were staying.

  3. Laurie Verge

    According to this census record, Asia is listed as being 19 in 1860. Either she lied about her age or the census taker got it wrong, but Asia was three years older than John Wilkes, having been born in 1835. Her age should be shown as 25.

    • Art Loux

      Mary Ann Booth and Rosalie also show lower ages than actual. My guess is that one of the ladies, most likely Mary Ann, gave all the information to the census taker and lowered the ages of the women.

  4. rich smyth

    Thanks for the clarification Art. I cannot find where 18th st. intersects Summer near Logan Square. In fact I only find Summer Ave. near the rail yards. I guess it could have changed that much.

  5. Rich smyth

    Thanks Art. On Google Maps Summer Street does not show.

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