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I’m always looking for ways to branch out here on BoothieBarn.  My goal is to educate and interact with people about the Lincoln assassination.  However, there is one particular demographic that remains elusive: kids.  It’s ironic, really.  In real life I’m an elementary school teacher and yet the part of history that interest me the most is one that would be particularly difficult to relate to children.  How can I teach, in a developmentally appropriate way, the complexity of the death of Abraham Lincoln?  Well, luckily I’ve found a new resource to make it much, much easier.  How do you teach kids about such a sensitive topic such as Lincoln’s death or the Civil War?  With that time tested tool, the coloring book.

Civil War Coloring Book

I picked up this resource for a mere dollar and flipped to the back hoping to find a page that I could use to teach kids about the Lincoln assassination. Fate was one my side, and I now have this wonderful teaching tool:

Assassination Coloring Book page

Feel free to click and print this picture full size for you to use with your own kids. Drop off copies at your local library. Hand them out to neighborhood kids at play during the summer. Help get kids interested in history.

The real wonderful thing about coloring book pages is that they appeal to everyone, even adults. Why, with only a box of twelve colored pencils and a couple hours, I turned the above blank canvas into this piece of historical art:

Colored in Assassination page

Who ever said history couldn’t be fun?

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11 thoughts on “For the Kids

  1. Richard Sloan

    This Booth is wearing two spurs!

    • That’s true, Richard. Due to the number of spur relics we have, we know Booth had to have been wearing at least seven spurs or so. Tsk tsk on the author for this historical inaccuracy. 😉

      • Laurie Verge

        He was still in the act of shooting. Wouldn’t the spurs still be on his boots?

        • Oh yes….he’s ridden a horse to the theatre and of course he’s wearing two spurs. He’s not going to have time to take them off and then put them on. Spurs are considered an “aid” in horsemanship; used to make the horse respond – i.e. go faster, behave in a certain manner, etc. The ONLY person who would wear ONE spur…if at all, would be a lady riding sidesaddle – or so I was told….

      • jack baumun

        I don’t understand the issue of “one spur vs. two spurs” . Why not two spurs ?

  2. Wesley Harris

    And it’s even more accurate than many of the illustrations contemporary to the event!

  3. Craig Hipkins

    Another great way to interest kids in history is by collecting postage stamps. I know this is a dying hobby but I can remember getting those bundles of used stamps at the local bookstore and wondering about the people and events commemorated on the stamps.

  4. Rich smyth

    The color of Mary’s dress is exactly like the one on display at the Smithsonian. The one Elizabeth made.

  5. Dave –

    I truly admire your energy in getting kids involved with history. I at one time participated as a living history interpreter and kids are drawn to folk in costume. It is also a great way to interact with youth and explain the times, customs and history. I also worked at Surratt House for about 20 years. Same thing. We need to keep in mind that youth are our future and we need to stress to them the importance of continuing the study of history. Like the old saying goes; you can’t go forward unless you remember the past….

  6. jack baumun

    Thanks for remembering the kids !

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