Touched by an Angel

If you have the time, I invite you all to watch this 1998 episode of Touched by an Angel entitled “Beautiful Dreamer”. In it, Della Reese’s character recounts the assassination of Lincoln through the experiences of her fellow angels, who were there at the time.  The show is filled with artistic and spiritual license (it is Touched by an Angel, after all), but it still provides an entertaining and fairly accurate representation of Lincoln’s death.  While Booth is portrayed more drunken than sinister, the writers of the show still gave him wonderful dialogue with the angel, Andrew, explaining his motivations and beliefs.  It is a unique portrayal of Booth that actually leaves us feeling sorry for him rather than hatred.   What’s more, it’s clear the producers did their homework.  They stunningly recreated the façade of Ford’s Theatre, the presidential box, and even included auxiliary characters by name like Laura Keene, Peter Taltavull, and John Parker.  In my opinion, this dramatization of Lincoln’s assassination from the mainstream media is one worth watching.

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7 thoughts on “Touched by an Angel

  1. This looks good, Dave! I don’t watch much TV (other than history shows/documentaries, etc) so never got into this show when it was on….but it looks grand! AND….I saw that this show has an actor in it on whom I had the biggest crush when I was a 16 year old girl – David Selby (drool, drool)!!

    Unfortunately, my internet connection/modem keeps going in and out and I can’t watch the video – so I’ll have to catch it later once the storms and heat subsides.

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. I actually remember seeing this years ago and thought how good it was then. Thanks for the memory.

    Now let’s hope that Nat Geo Channel does a good job with its upcoming production of “Killing O’Reilly.” Godeygirl and I have had the opportunity to review the script, and it is very good – and nothing like the book. The scriptwriter and Nat Geo would like the intended audience to know that O’Reilly sold the rights to his book to another company, who in turn sold the rights to Nat Geo with the understanding that the television production would be as accurate history as possible.

    Erik Jendresen, the screenwriter and one of the producers, has been wonderful to work with, highly interested in getting accurate answers to some tough questions, and was a producer and writer for the highly acclaimed series “Band of Brothers.” Keep your fingers crossed.

  3. Richard Sloan

    The episode of “Touched By an Angel” you refer to, David, is one of my favts., and I have seen all of the worthwhile ones (and then some!). It is available on a DVD of certain episodes. Check it out on ebay to find the right one. The actor playing Booth looks very much like him. His mustache is a winne, too! .David is right; this is worth acquiring and viewing! Selby is terrific.
    Can’t wait to see the Killing Lincoln” NG pgm. Laurie and Betty are making me dangerously optimistic.

  4. One of the points that I made in commenting to the screenwriter, Erik Jendresen (who is great to work with) was the importance of having actors closely resemble the historical figures they are portraying. That was one of the drawbacks to The Conspirator, in my opinion.

    When I went to the first pre-screening of that film, I gasped – and so did most of the audience – when Kevin Kline/Edwin Stanton appeared without that signature beard. Since I had worked with the producers on that one too, I immediately let them know my feelings. Their response was that Kevin looked like Santa Claus when he had that length beard!

    I also thought that Lewis Powell and Lou Weichmann should have had better facial recognition than the actors who portrayed them. I ended up forgiving Robin Wright for being so skinny when I saw her wonderful, stoic portrayal of Mary Surratt, however.

    • Richard Sloan

      Character actor Robt. Prosky played the non-speaking role of Stanton in Wolper’s “They’ve Killed President Lincoln!” I always wanted to interview him. About two years ago I was on vac. with my wife out west and had made an appointment to see the Wolper Archives at one of the L.A. colleges (I forget which one).I wanted to see the inter-office memos, production notes, early drafts of the script, casting info, etc; Four days prior to that appointment I was seated on a bench on a boat on what I think was man-made Lake Meade, Seated across the aisle I spotted Prosky! After introducing myself and telling him how weird it was to bump into him just four days prior to looking at the Wolper archives (which he agreed was weird) , I interviewed him briefly about his role in the old TVer. He was extremely cooperative and friendly, and appreciative of the fact that I knew of such an early piece of work. (I flattered him to death.) He told me that he did his own makeup for the Stanton role. For those of you who remember it, he did a damn good job with his beard! Unfortunately, Mr. Prosky died about four to six months later.

  5. Anthony Classick

    While clearing up the messages please not that this video is no longer here.

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