Herold Bates Painting

Painting of David Herold commissioned by escape theorist Finis Bates
Image Source: Lincoln’s Assassins

2 thoughts on “Herold Bates Painting

  1. Richard Sloan

    This picture is a painting that was owned by my late friend, collector Donald Dow, of Ft. Worth, TX. He had purchased it some years earlier, together with paintings of the other conspirators, all of which had once been owned by Finis Bates and were published in his book about a successful escape by John Wilkes Booth. When he first learned (from me) that the book had been published he asked me if they had been credited to him, and I said that they were, in the rear of the book. He was absolutely livid, explaining to me that Messrs. Weinberg and Swanson had promised to put his credit lines on the same pages on which the paintings appeared.
    After Donald died a few years ago, they were sold at auction, but I don’t know who bought them.

  2. Richard Sloan

    CORRECTION TO PREVIOUS REPLY: I left out the following: “When he [Dow] first learned (from me) that the Swanson/Weinberg book, “Lincoln’s Assassins,” had been published…”etc;”

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