Booth diary pages 4

Final pages from John Wilkes Booth diary written while on the run from federal troops. The text on these pages read:
“the very little I left behind
to clear my name the
Govmt will not allow to be
printed. So ends all. For
my country I have given
up all that makes life
sweet and Holy brought
misery upon my family and
am sure there is no pardon
in the Heaven for me since
man condemns me so. I
have only heard of what
has been done (except what
I did myself) and it fills
me with horror. God try
and forgive me and bless
my mother. To night I
will once more try the river
with the intent to cross.
Though I have a greater desire
and almost a mind to return
to Washington And in a
measure clear my name
which I feel I can do. I
do not repent the blow
I struck. I may before
my God but not to man.

I think I have done well.
Though I am abandoned with
the curse of Cain upon me,
When if the world knew
my heart, that one blow would
have made me great. though
I did desire no greatness.
To night I try to escape
these blood hounds once
more. Who who can read
his fate. God’s will be done.
I have too great a soul
to die like a criminal. O May
he, May he spare me that
and let me die bravely.
I bless the entire world.
Have never hated or wronged
anyone. This last was not
a wrong. Unless God deems it
so. And its with him to
damn or bless me. And
for this brave boy with me
who often prays (yes before and
since) with a true and sincere
heart was it crime in him. if so
why can he pray the same
I do not wish to shed a
drop of blood but “I must
fight the course” Tis all that’s
left me.”
Image Source: FBI

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