Booth diary pages 3

Page from John Wilkes Booth diary written while on the run from federal troops. The text on this page reads:
“Friday 21
After being hunted like a dog
through swamps, woods, and last
night being chased by gun boats till
we I was forced to return wet cold
and starving. With every man’s hand
against me. I am here in despair. And
why. For doing what Brutus was
honored for. What made Tell a
Hero. And yet I for striking
down a greater tyrant than
they ever knew I’m looked
upon as a common cutthroat.
My action was purer than either
of theirs. One hoped to be great
himself. The other had not only
his country’s but his own wrongs
to avenge. I hoped for no gain.
I knew no private wrong. I
struck for * my country
and that alone. A country that
groaned beneath this tyranny
and prayed for this end and
yet now behold the cold hand
they extend to me. God cannot
pardon me if I have done
wrong. Yet I cannot see my
wrong except in serving a
degenerate people. The little”
Image Source: FBI

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