Note on Booth’s Stable

Note written by John Ford while in prison about Booth’s stable out back of Ford’s Theatre. It states, “Spangler kept the key. He had a horse of Booth’s for sale at one time and aided to sell it with a buggy this was early in the week before of the murder.
Peanut John was Booth’s hostler. He kept the stage door of the Theatre at night.”
Image Source: Restoration of Ford’s Theatre

4 thoughts on “Note on Booth’s Stable

  1. Are some of the words missing “early in the week before”? Does “butler” fit in the next to last sentence? Great photos! Am I correct in remembering that the back door of the theatre now is not the one Booth used?

  2. Cliff Roberts

    I think the word is “hostler,” for one who keeps horses.

  3. cliffrob2458

    The other words might be “easily within weeks” of the murder.

  4. Thanks for the help deciphering the handwriting, men. I combined what the two of you wrote into what seems the most likely.

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