Booth Returns to Baptist Alley

Newspaper excerpt recounting the return of Booth to Baptist Alley.

5 thoughts on “Booth Returns to Baptist Alley

  1. I would like to see the rest of this newspaper article if that’s possible

  2. Is this the family that had Booth’s remains? What year did were they permitted to take his body? I also find it odd but fascinating that they ended up hiding his body in the same stable Booth had kept his horse at Ford’s Theatre. Was this the path they would have taken from where his body was originally interred to where his final resting place would be? By the way, I love that I found this site…it is the most informative and interesting site I have found on this subject! Great work!

  3. Renee Lee

    i agree…… so much exciting information and i’m so glad i can peruse it here. However, i am not a “techy” and barely know how to e-mail, so i don’t understand everything about Boothie-barn….. for instance, if i want to pose a question or talk to the other people on the subject of JWB, how would i do that ? I come up with questions all the time and have nowhere to go with them. Just one is : Since JWB’s parents were English, did Booth speak with an English accent ? All directions/, help gladly sought and appreciated.

    • Renee,

      This site is a blog which is sort of like an online journal. While there is the comment feature, a blog isn’t really designed for ongoing discussion. Given your interest, I would highly recommend you visit and join Roger J. Norton’s Lincoln Discussion Symposium. It’s an online community that discusses all things Lincoln including the assassination. Once you join there you can create threads and post your questions for the community. I think you’d really enjoy it. Here’s the web addres:

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