Back of Ford’s Frank Leslie 5-13-1865

Drawing of the back of Ford’s Theatre.
Image Source: Frank Leslie’s

3 thoughts on “Back of Ford’s Frank Leslie 5-13-1865

  1. Hello,

    I work for George Washington University. We are putting together a timeline of the assassination of President Lincoln and would like to include an image of Baptist Alley as the beginning of Booth’s flight from capture. The image posted here in you blog would work well for us. I see that it is attributed to Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper. Did you acquire the image and permission to use it directly from their archives? Any help you can lend would be appreciated.

    • Rob,

      I could easily be wrong, but my understanding is that these old issues of Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper are now in the public domain due to their age. I saved the image above out of this digitized volume of Frank Leslie Newspapers from the Internet Archive:

      I hope this helps, and please let me known when you get your timeline up. I’d love to see it.


      Dave Taylor

  2. Bill Lindsay

    Can anyone tell me whether those items to the left of the prop doors (the large arched door with the horizontal bar across the top) in the picture above are some of the props that stage hands would move to the stage through the door (and they were just too large to store indoors), or is that a mechanism for moving props?? I can’t quite tell what those things are. Thanks in advance!

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