Arnold and his dog in 1902

Samuel Arnold in later life, enjoying the company of another devoted dog.

Sam Arnold with his dog in 1902
Image Source: Baltimore American

5 thoughts on “Arnold and his dog in 1902

  1. Rich smyth

    Does the article say that is the original Dash?

    • Rich, I don’t have the article in front of me so I’m not sure. I only had this picture that I took from the article a year or so back. Am I confusing my dogs? Was Dash the dog Sam had when he was in prison?

  2. Rich smyth

    Yes, he wrote the letter mentioning “poor Dash” in prison.

    • Whoops. I’ll change it then. It would be funny if he named all his dogs Dash, though.

      • Mark Arnold

        Naming all his dogs Dash would not surprise me, my dad gave all his sons the same middle name. I think my family may actually be related to Samuel Arnold. My family comes from Baltimore and Gamber Maryland.

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