Finis Bates

Memphis attorney Finis L. Bates, lead proponent of the Booth escaped and Booth mummy theory.
Image Source: Dave Taylor

2 thoughts on “Finis Bates

  1. Dave, how can get permission to use some of these images for an article in “Memphis” magazine about the Booth mummy controversy? We have a special interest in this, of course, because Finis Bates was the Memphis attorney who claimed to have kept the mummy in his garage here. We just need to run a few images for our story: a good photo of the mummy, and perhaps this image of Bates. How can we proceed? If necessary, we would NOT run the images on our website, just in the printed version of the magazine. One problem, besides obtaining the rights, would be to obtain high-resolution versions of these images. Please let me know what we can do. Many thanks, Michael Finger, senior editor.

    • Michael,

      I, personally, do not own any pictures of the Booth mummy or Finis Bates. However, if I were you, I would inquire with the Special Collections department of Georgetown University. They own the E. H. Swaim Papers. This collection is a treasure trove of material on the Booth mummy story. Looking at the finding aid for the collection, ( I see a few boxes/folders that will probably contain the pictures you need:

      8:13. Finis L. Bates. Photograph.
      8:20. John Wilkes Booth. Photographs of the Booth mummy, as well as a photograph showing the display which accompanied the exhibition of Booth’s mummy.
      9:23. John St. Helen. Several photos taken after death.

      I’m sure there would be some sort of fee for you to use them, but that is my best suggestion for getting high res copies of “Booth” Mummy pictures.

      Let me know when your article is published as I’d love to read it!


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