David E George Sideshow

Sideshow exhibit of David E. George’s mummy.
Image Source: Hagley Museum

3 thoughts on “David E George Sideshow

  1. angela mccabe

    Awesome pic! Any idea where the mummy is now?

  2. Richard Sloan

    Back in 1976 or ’78 I heard that the mummy was in the possession of a nice gentleman by the name of Larry Mooney of Alexandria, VA. He wouldn’t admit it to me when I spoke to him by phone, but he did admit his
    interest in the story of the corpse. He was extremely grateful when I furnished him with a good photo copy of the magazine story of the examination of the body by some Chicago doctors, as he had been looking for those X-ray pictures for a long time. I felt that I was “this close” to getting some admission from him and to seeing the body, but it never happened.

    • Kurtis

      Could you tell me what magazine that was? I have a copy of the life magazine, but want copies of any magazine the mummy was mentioned

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