John Wilkes Booth Gutman 4

John Wilkes Booth, the 26 year-old actor and later assassin of President Lincoln, was photographed many times over the course of his life. The numeration for his photographs is based on the 1979 book, John Wilkes Booth Himself by Richard and Kellie Gutman. Further information about these photographs can be found in their book.

4 thoughts on “John Wilkes Booth Gutman 4

  1. I found a tintype version of this image which doesn’t look as touched up as much but it is severely cropped:

    • To be honest, I actually prefer the more detailed version I have here. And, while I think some minor touch ups are present, I don’t think too much was done to the picture.

      • Yeah, I just found it a bit strange to have a small tintype copy of what was probably originally a CDV. It reminds me a bit of the Lincoln (and others) campaign button tintypes which I think were made as tintypes just because of their durability.

    • William

      Thanks for the help. I needed the photographer for the project.

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