John Wilkes Booth Gutman 28

John Wilkes Booth, the 26 year-old actor and later assassin of President Lincoln, was photographed many times over the course of his life. The numeration for his photographs is based on the 1979 book, John Wilkes Booth Himself by Richard and Kellie Gutman. Further information about these photographs can be found in their book.

5 thoughts on “John Wilkes Booth Gutman 28

  1. I was able to make an animated version of this with a vertical stereoscopic pair:

  2. Do you know when this CDV image was issued with the reverse printed “J. Wilkes Booth Murderer of Abraham Lincoln”?

    • Krista,

      I’m afraid I don’t know when exactly photographers starting putting the description of Booth as the assassin or murderer of Lincoln on the back of CDVs. Obviously after the assassination but when exactly, I couldn’t say.

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