Booth diary pages 1

Page from John Wilkes Booth diary written while on the run from federal troops. The text on this page reads:
“Ti Amo

April 13 – 14 Friday the Ides
Until to day nothing was
ever thought of sacrificing to
our country’s wrongs. For six months
we had worked to capture. But our
cause being almost lost, something
decisive ^& great must be done. But its fail
ure was owing to others, who did not
strike for their country with a
heart. I struck boldly and not as
the papers say. I walked with a firm
step through a thousand of his friends
was stopped, but pushed on. A Col
was at his side. I shouted Sic semper
before I fired. In jumping broke my leg.
I passed all his pickets, rode sixty miles
that night with the bone of my leg
tearing the flesh at every jump.
I can never repent it, though we
hated to kill, Our Country owed
all her troubles to him, and
God simply made me the instrument
of his punishment. The country is not”
Image Source: FBI

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