Booth bedroom

A bedroom of the Dr. Mudd house, in which John Wilkes Booth slept. This bed, while not original, is in the same spot where Booth slept.
Image Source: Dave Taylor
April 2013

3 thoughts on “Booth bedroom

  1. E.M.

    Not to seem dumb , but Im going to guess the picture of the boot (just above the left bed post) isn’t an original piece of the Dr. Mudd house? Just curious, because that would be quite ironic.

    • The picture of Booth’s boot on the wall of the Mudd house is used to help tell the story of the boot’s discovery. As you deduced, it is not an “original furnishing” of the house.

  2. Laurie Verge

    From a historic house museum perspective, all of those framed images should be in an exhibit area, not part of the historic setting that is supposed to represent 1865…

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