Ford’s back door

Rear door of Ford’s Theatre through which Booth exited and escaped through Baptist Alley.
Image Source: Georgetown University

2 thoughts on “Ford’s back door

  1. Sara

    I am thrilled to have found your page, as we lived in NOVA for a while and took the boys, when they were younger, to take a tour of Fords Theatre. I just told the middle child that everything inside Fords Theatre is a reproduction and we were both shocked at this news! I have a question, the above door is the door in which Booth left, but where did he get in? I have been reading your blog for several days and I am so happy to find such a wealth of information. I understand that you already addressed this question, but I am still confused. Did he enter and leave from the same door? Thank you for compiling all of this fascinating information for the public!

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