Letter to Glenwood about Atzerodt’s burial

A letter to Glenwood Cemetery ghost written by Boothie John C. Brennan laying out the information regarding Atzerodt’s burial there. Sadly, a trip to Glenwood was unable to verify this letter due to the lack of appropriate cemetery records.
Image Source: James O. Hall Research Center

2 thoughts on “Letter to Glenwood about Atzerodt’s burial

  1. Richard Sloan

    WOW! THIS LETTER PURPORTEDLY WRITTEN BY ME IS QUITE A MYSTERY TO ME! My guess is that John Brennan ghost-wrote it for me. Phrases in it are not my style, and realy sound like something good old “JCB” wrote. Not only that, I always sign my letters “Sincerely,” never “Cordially yours.” Why, even the typewriter style isn’t familiar to me. Maybe John wanted his letter to seem like it came from someone else.. Perhaps the cemetery had previously been uncooperative with him and I agreed to be in cahoots with him in order to get the information he sought. . Perhaps a comparison with some of Brennan’s typed missives would be in order. As to whether or not I ever recvd a reply, won’t be able to get to my Atzerodt file for another couple of weeks, on acct. of the hurricane.

    • Richard,

      I think you’re right. The top of the page that I cropped out said, “Draft of letter prepared for the signature, on June 30, 1979, of Richard Sloan, Editor of The Lincoln Log. Please let him or JCB know of any way you think the letter should be changed or strengthened, or a different strategy used, before June 30.”

      It seems JCB was using your “pull” as editor of the Lincoln Log, to get results.

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