Atzerodt 5 Adjusting the Ropes

George Atzerodt on July 7th, 1865.
Image Source: LOC

3 thoughts on “Atzerodt 5 Adjusting the Ropes

  1. Anil (Glen) Weerasinghe

    You are paying for what you deserve. Karma in action. NEWTON’S 3rd law in Physics or law of cause and effect?

    • jett

      karma for what? he harmed nobody. he got drunk and fled. the trial was a sham start to finish, nothing to be proud of.

      • maggie

        the sentences i beleive were more for revenge than justice there is something about the whole thing that just does not seem kosher everything happened too fast maybe i am just use to living in a time when the whole process seems to take forever

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