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The Ford’s Theatre Orchestra

“More is probably known about the people who were at work in Ford’s Theatre on the night of April 14, 1865, and about the topography of the theatre itself than of any other house in the world. We know the names, habits, and duties of every actor, stagehand, ticket-taker, box-office man, and usher*, and we […]

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John H. Surratt the Teacher

Like the other Lincoln conspirators who survived trial and imprisonment, John H. Surratt, Jr. experienced difficultly making his way in the world during the aftermath.  The stigma attached to the Surratt name was great.  Employment prospects were bare for the man who had escaped justice in 1865, and then was freed by a hung jury in 1868.  Upon being released, John Surratt traveled […]

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“An Interesting Flag”

The following article was written by The Rambler and appeared in February 9th, 1913 edition of the Evening Star.  The Rambler, whose real name was John Harry Shannon, wrote for the Star from 1912 until 1927, telling stories about his travels in and around Washington.  Many of his “rambles” involved trips into Maryland’s “assassination country” […]

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