April 14, 2018

You may have noticed that this blog has been a little quiet over the last few months. While I have been able to maintain the quick little blips of information on my Twitter account, I haven’t had much time to devote to in-depths postings here on the site. Even the 153rd anniversary of the Lincoln assassination came and went with nary a peep here at BoothieBarn. While my normal duties of being an elementary school teacher and the occasional commitments as a guest speaker do limit my time to research and write, this recent hiatus was due to a more personal matter.

On April 14, 2018, I married my partner in history, Kate Ramirez.

Kate and I got engaged on April 14th of 2017 at Ford’s Theatre. We scheduled our wedding to occur a year later and with the Lincoln assassination as our continued theme. Our wedding ceremony took place at Enon Baptist Church in Supply, Virginia.

A small rural church, Enon was built in 1852 and was the home church of the Garrett family who unwittingly harbored John Wilkes Booth during his final days. Many members of the Garrett family, including Richard Garrett, are buried in the cemetery behind the church. We certainly took advantage of the cemetery for some of our photographs.

In preparation for the wedding, Kate spent months assembling paper flowers for use in our bouquets and decorations. Each flower is made from pages of our favorite history book, American Brutus by Michael Kauffman.

Our wedding party consisted of our siblings and friends, three of whom we met through our involvement in the Lincoln assassination community.

From Enon Baptist Church, our guests then drove over an hour to our reception venue: a tent set up on the grounds of the Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House Museum. Each table inside the tent was decorated with appropriate Lincoln themed centerpieces.

As you might expect, the grounds of the Dr. Mudd House provided some gorgeous backdrops for our photographs.

Not everything was Lincoln assassination themed, however. When cutting the cake, we channeled another of Kate’s interests: Lizzie Borden.

Our first dance was to one of our favorite 1950’s classics, We Belong Together by Ritchie Valens.

And we were even joined by some feathered friends.

We were told there was a little craziness that occurred, but we never saw anything.

Surrounded by our family and friends, it was a truly amazing day. As I said to Kate in my wedding vows, she and I may live in the past, but that’s the perfect place for us to make history together.

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81 thoughts on “April 14, 2018

  1. Steve

    Wow! Thanks for sharing and best wishes!

  2. hanspostcard

    Congrats! And what a great concept!

    • We figured our love of this part of history is what brought us together so we went with it. Thanks for the congrats.

  3. Dave Kruiswyk

    How incredibly cool! Best wishes to you both!!!

  4. Mike


  5. Robert Thompson

    Congratulations! Kool Beans! I like the Richie Valens song too, nice touch. Bob T.

    Robert Thompson

    • We were originally going to go with some more modern for our first dance song, but, in the end, we realized a song from either Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper, or Buddy Holly would be more appropriate. We know we made the right choice.

  6. Mike in Orlando

    Mazel tov!

  7. Lawrence Dodds

    Very nice you two!!lawrence

  8. John P. Dumville

    We can certainly understand why you haven’t posted much lately. A perfect match of two fascinating people.

  9. Stacey M Friend

    congrats on your marriage!!

  10. Chris Shelton

    And I thought that I was infatuated with the past…sounds like the only thing missing was the minister performing the ceremony with the Lincoln bible in hand.

    • The minister didn’t drop any Lincoln references, but Kate did in her wedding vows. You can see it in the video.

  11. Kevin Sockwell

    Congratulations. Love it!

  12. Lane Zangwill

    Congratulations,you two are living history. The pictures are reflection of love for each other and the past.

  13. Jay Guy

    Sweet Memories and thank you both for sharing a special time. May your journey continue to bring you the happiness and fulfillment you deserve.

  14. Judith Breitstein

    Magnificent! You have put so much thought in ideas that represent the love between you. A long and happy life together!

  15. Andrew Johnson

    Wonderful photography, to document you special day.
    ”RAVE ON”, you two, continue making History together.

    Kind Regards , ANDY JOHNSON

  16. Wade Kirby

    What a incredible occasion!

  17. Barry Cauchon

    Wow. My sincerest congratulations to both you and Kate. I’m so very happy for both of you. Enjoy a wonderful life together. Barry

  18. Dave Grimm

    Congratulations, Dave and Kate!!

  19. Carol Donohue

    Wow, thanks for sharing these lovely pictures, Dave and Kate! Congratulations, and best wishes!

    • Thank you, Carol.

      BTW, we were in Richmond on Thursday and stopped by to pay our respects to your great grandfather’s grave. He’ll likely end up being one of the “Grave Thursdays” in the future,

  20. Ernest Abel

    Congrats! worth postponing the blog for a bit.

    Best for a happy future


  21. Richard E Sloan

    Congratulations to you both!

  22. Karen Stone

    The best excuse in the world for being away from the blog. Best of all to you both.

  23. All the best to the both of you. Many happy years of love!

  24. What a beautiful couple and an absolutely wonderful day. Many happy years of love!

  25. Lovely pics of the wedding! So happy for you two. Congrats!!

  26. Paul Hancq

    Aww. How nice and how special. We’ve missed your postings lately, Dave, but you had an excellent reason for the hiatus!

    • With it now being summer time, I have a bit of a chance to catch up on my postings. The wedding and my “day job” as a school teacher takes up a lot of my time.

  27. Robert the Wallace

    All the Very Best to you Dave and Kate–may your sojourn in Life be as Happy, Special and Monumental as your Wedding Day; GOD BLESS you both in this endeavor is my prayer! ! !

  28. Gary Goff

    Congratulations! What a beautiful bride. Not only is Boothie Barn outstanding, so is your lovely wife. Best wishes

  29. Bob Freitag

    Wow! Such awesome news along with great photos. May you two have all the happiness of the world.

    • Thank you, Bob. If you get a chance, I also uploaded a wedding video highlight that Kate and I both really love. It really captures the magic of the day.

  30. Dan Murray

    Love reading and seeing this! Congrats and best wishes! Dan Murray

  31. Much happiness to you both ❤️

  32. It is about time that you kids got hitched. When will you start raising your own batch of conspirators?

    • Well we’re in no hurry to start popping out little conspirators, David. We’ve got a lot to see and do first. Plus, with kids, I’d never have a chance to write anything anymore.

  33. Congratulations and best wishes to both of you.

  34. Tim Kelly

    Congratulations to you and Kate!

  35. Miriam Crispin

    Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful pictures!!!!!
    Your groupies, Randy and Miriam

  36. Terry Horning

    Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us your friends in history and everything Lincoln. What a beautiful and unique way to celebrate. Congratulations and best wishes.!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Terry. I figured it was a little bit braggy but if you can’t brag about your wedding then what can you brag about?

  37. Rich Guesman

    Congrats! Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us. The photography is wonderful. Loved the photo on the Booth couch; all I could think was “Wow! Lucky Dog!” Congrats again!

    • Thank you, Rich. When I was uploading that picture of us on the Booth couch I named it, “You’re not allowed to sit on that”. We were quite lucky.

  38. Jim Daubenheyer

    Congratulations and best wishes, Dave & Kate. I love your themes!

  39. Gary


  40. Carol Ann Shogi

    Yay, how great is this to see!!! My husband and I are so very happy for you both! We took your JWB tour back in 2015 (absolutely fabulous tour btw) when we were newlyweds ourselves. I happened upon one of your wedding photos doing some research for our own upcoming annual re-enactment… at the Lizzie Borden B&B in Fall River MA. That’s how we met, I play Lizzie and he plays a detective named George Seaver. Cut my wedding cake with a hatchet too lol. You and your beautiful bride should check out our favorite historical haunt on some August 4th, we also promise a good show! Until then, wishing you both every happiness in the world on your marriage and new life together! Congratulations!!! http://www.google.com/amp/www.heraldnews.com/article/20150717/NEWS/150716918%3ftemplate=ampart#ampf=undefined

    • Carol,

      I remember you from the tour! Thank you so much for commenting. What a small world. Someday we will absolutely have to come up for one of your re-enactments. A few years back we spent two nights at the Lizzie Borden bed and breakfast and loved it. It’s good to know you have your own hatchet!

  41. Dr. Allen Kaufman

    Congratulations & best wishes to a beautiful couple who I know will continue to make a lifetime of history together.

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